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"Moonlit" with Author Jadie Jones: 10 Weird Things About the Author

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Eighteen-year-old Tanzy Hightower knows horses, has grown up with them on Wildwood Farm. She also knows not to venture beyond the trees that line the pasture. Things happen out there that can’t be explained. Or undone. Worse, no one but she and the horses can see what lurks in the shadows of the woods. When a moonlit ride turns into a terrifying chase, Tanzy is left to question everything, from the freak accident that killed her father to the very blood in her veins. Broken and confused, she turns to Lucas, a scarred, beautiful stranger, and to Vanessa, a charming new friend who has everything Tanzy doesn’t. But why do they seem to know more about her than she knows herself? 

Praise "Virginia's trees look like they're burning. Most of them blaze crimson or gold, but some still have a chokehold on their green. I wish they'd give it up already. Leaves are more beautiful when they're dying." And so Moonlit begins. From here the story rolls from one twist to another with many vivid characters whose motives are hard to predict. I found myself being suspicious of everyone, wanting to tell Tanzy to be very careful. The deeper I fell into the plot, the more questions kept rising to the surface. But not to worry, all of my questions were answered. Appropriate for all ages, if you love paranormal fantasy mixed with suspense, mystery and other-worldly romance, you'll love this novel! ~Author Julie Ford    

10 weird things about Jadie Jones
1. I like to brush my teeth in the shower. It's just a thing. I've done it since I was a kid.
2. Speaking of teeth - one of mine is fake. One of my front adult teeth never came in, so I have a "bridge" with a fake tooth on it.
3. Milk freaks me out. So do eggs. If I think about either too long I get queasy.
4. It's not intentional, but I have this habit of collecting half-full glasses of water. Like right now, on my desk, I have three. And I know there are at least three more on my bedside table. I'm not going all "signs" or anything... maybe I'm just lazy?
5. And, on that note, I don't like the way water tastes in glass. I prefer it in plastic.
6. When ice cubes touch the very end of my finger tips it makes me nauseous.
7. I probably drink at least 5 cups of hot tea every day.
8. I can't say the word "nougat" out loud. I mean I can. I just really don't want to. Maybe I can't...
9. I like to go to bed with my hair wet.
10. I will watch any rerun of Buffy the Vampire Slayer any time it comes on TV. Any. Time. Any. Episode. I still have several BTVS posters in my office. In fact, I'm looking at an 8 X 11 glossy of Spike right now...
The first anniversary of my father’s death was even harder on my mother. Back then, I thought she was haunted most by what she didn’t know. I refused to blame her when she raged above me on our staircase that night, drunk and sad and angry. When she made me promise I’d never ride again. When she hurled a half-full bottle of vodka at my face and it exploded on the wooden stairs at my feet. I hadn’t tried to get out of the way. She had just missed. I wanted to tell her that knowledge was no solace, that what you know can burn inside you until there’s nothing left but guilt and ash. I also wanted to protect her from losing the only piece of him she had left. So I didn’t say a word.  

Author Jadie Jones Georgia native Jadie Jones first began working for a horse farm at twelve years old, her love of horses matched only by her love of books. She went on to acquire a B.A. in equine business management, and worked for competitive horse farms along the east coast. The need to write followed wherever she went. She currently coaches a hunt seat equitation team that competes in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association, and lives with her family in the foothills of north Georgia. When she's not working on the next installment of the Moonlit series, she is either in the saddle or exploring the great outdoors with her daughter. Moonlit is her first book. 


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  1. Thank you so much for having me! I have to admit, finding 10 weird things to tell you for this guest post was the easiest post by far on the tour. My husband said: only ten?? :)

    1. The list is definitely entertaining. :) Thank you for braving it out and sharing. By the way, the book cover is pretty awesome.

  2. Sounds like an awesome book I'm going to have to read! I'm glad to see a writer that's a true horseman!