Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend with MK: Gardening and Kitchen Time

You get a garden post today! Not because I think all of you care about the time I spend in my gardens, but because it's fun to share. It's also a random, "this is what I did this weekend" post, which I don't believe I've shared before. So here is a rare glimpse into MK's life at home. 

I do my best to make life about finding pleasure in the everyday things. Those moments spent with family that you think gives you a headache, but really is precious time you may not have tomorrow; and the moments when you ache all over because you've been pulling weeds for four hours, but when you look at what you've done, you're in awe of the beauty. My greatest pleasures are family, my gardens, the kitchen, and the peacefulness of where I live. 

Now, what happened over the weekend? 
There's been a lot of work to do in the gardens and around the house this spring. This bed was fairly easy to clean up and plant. I put in seeds along the back of the top level--tall double cosmos--should be lovely when they come in this summer.

The weather has been perfect for our pots--a nice combination of sun and rain so everything is filling in nicely. The big whiskey barrels around the front of the house didn't get a photo session, but I'll share those once the roses in them begin to bloom. I expect them to pop any day now.

My niece and nephew joined me for a couple of days over the weekend. We spent part of the time outdoors gardening, and then when the rain came, we moved inside. 
Saturday morning I whipped up some fresh honey-wheat bread and then tried my hand at donuts. I actually haven't made donuts before since I'm not a fan of deep-fried food, but I wanted to try this recipe from Irish Foodie Donal Skehan. Very little sugar or butter, and a texture unlike our American donuts. The result is a heavier pastry with a unique flavor. I plan to share the recipe at a later time on the Rising Wolf Kitchen Blog because they are delicious, and half of one is more than satisfying.  

Then we had homemade pizza for dinner--something I don't make often, but I had leftover pizza crust and fixings from a deep dish pizza I made for a future food blog post. So much better than ordering in! 

We caught a break in the weather, and the kids wanted to help with the back garden. The weeds have gotten away from me this spring, and I wanted to tackle this bed before it got worse. This is the before--weeds gone crazy!

I haven't taken the after photos yet because by the time I was done weeding this bed, my back ached like it's never ached before. Though I'm pretty sure my core got an awesome workout, so there's always a bright side. 

We then walked down to the lake before they went home. We had a great time by the water, even though the rocky shore is quickly disappearing. Once the kids saw a couple of big spiders, they decided they'd had enough lake time. 

I didn't get in any writing time on Saturday, but luckily caught up Sunday afternoon. I left a character in dire straights and didn't wish to leave them way for too long. All is well in Gallagher land now--for the time being. I have a challenge post coming your way Friday! I hope you'll join me.  

What did you do over the weekend?  


  1. Lovely photos of your gardens. I can't garden like I would like due to a bad back and the Texas heat & water restrictions - I'll just admire yours! I spent the weekend driving back from Arizona and doing laundry.

    1. I have a bad back too, but to the chagrin of my chiropractor, I pretend I don't have back problems while gardening. :) I remember living in Lake Tahoe one summer when they had strict water restrictions. I didn't have many flowers that year--I'm probably still over-compensating. Hope you enjoyed Arizona!