Friday, May 31, 2013

Misty Morning Walk

More Montana pictures from my walk the other morning. These didn't turn out nearly as clear as the last phone pictures. The little view frame on my phone kept fogging up, but it was too beautiful of a morning not to share. If this weather keeps up, we may be able to avoid a fire season up this way. Last year we were lucky--only a couple of small fires after most of the tourists had gone home, and we didn't even see the smoke from here. This past winter we had more snow, and already this spring has brought more rain than last year. 

Many of these are similar views/shots to the last morning walk photos, but I never tire of them and like to capture them over and over. One of these I shared on Facebook the other day.


  1. Gorgeous! I dream of going to Montana in the summer!

    1. I hope you make it up here sometime! June is usually a rainy month. July-Sept are the best visiting months. :)

  2. Beautiful - love your pictures.