Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Eastur Weekend

I don't personally speak much about religion on this blog. My beliefs are important to me, and I share only when asked directly.  Having said that, Easter has never been a celebration holiday for me. I go to church and have Easter brunch with family--simple.

. . . except when I was younger and the baskets filled with goodies didn't mean I'd be spending two extra hours exercising that week. When I ran aimlessly (skillfully) around the backyard searching for elusive eggs, many of which were filled with more candy. When my siblings and I gathered around the table to dye eggs in the oddest of colors (because we got our hands on the color mixtures). That was Easter to me. 

Now it's just another holiday excuse for me to spend half the day in the kitchen. I have new dishes to try, one of which will be shared on my kitchen blog next week.  

I'll admit I've never spent the time to research how Easter became a holiday about hopping bunnies, colored eggs, and pastels--kind of crazy in my book.

Except for the chocolate bunnies. 

I'm on board with whoever came up with that genius idea.

So, whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate, or if you don't celebrate,
Happy Easter!

Click here for image link, courtesy of Disney.


  1. Happy Easter to you, too. No chocolate bunnies here this year - and I find that just wrong!

    1. I agree, that's wrong. :) I'll eat an extra one for you. Happy Easter Karen!