Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: Another Great Year for Books

I have big plans for 2013! Do you? 
This was a defining year for me as a writer. I began my publishing journey in early 2012 and I have no intention of slowing down in 2013. In fact, I have two new books planned for the coming year, and possibly a short story or two (more on that later). 2012 consisted of the good, the bad, the crazy, and the "what the heck happened there", moments. Then I had those moments as a writer when I knew I chose the right path.

My Most Memorable Writer's Moments of 2012
  • Receiving my first email from a fan--I will never forget how I felt in that minute.
  • The release of Gallagher's Pride and Gallagher's Hope, the first two books of the Montana Gallagher series. 
  •  The completion of Alaina Claiborne, book one of the British Agent Novels. 
  • Working with my editor, Lorraine Fico-White. She "found" me and I haven't looked back. 
  • Becoming a member of the Montana Romance Writers (group of RWA). They are an amazing group of writers and I look forward to an amazing year ahead for all of us. 
  • Working with a wonderful new friend, and fellow author, Krista Kedrick (who gives me a daily dose of gorgeous cowboy pictures). We'll have some awesome stories to share in the new year.
  • Meeting so many wonderful new authors, from never-before-published, to NYT and USA Bestsellers, you've all helped to make my first year as a published author, a wonderful experience.  
  • "Discovering" one of the most beautiful/handsome/gorgeous men in the world (or at least in NYC). He alone inspired an entire new series. (Okay, so this wasn't defining, but seriously, you should see this guy and if I had his permission, I would share). 

To all of the readers, writers, and friends out there, I wish you an amazingly Happy New Year and hope your dreams for 2013 are realized! Thank you for a spectacular 2012!

What was your most memorable moment in 2012?  


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