Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mother-daughter Relationship: Day Laughs, Night Cries: Fifteen Virtual Book Tour

During the light of day, young Peaches is quiet, shy, and loved by her mother, the members of her church, and the people of her Jamaican village. But when darkness falls, night brings a catastrophic event that thrusts Peaches to do the unthinkable. Day Laughs, Night Cries - a timeless and universal mother-daughter story - rattles with love and hate, tension and chaos, trust and distrust, hope and despair. It whispers of childhood physical assaults and traumas. It reveals teenage confusion and street survival. This engaging account applauds the resilience of the mother-daughter bond.

from Peaches Ledwidge . . .
Lipstick, high heels, eye shadows, eyeliners, frilly frocks, and high heels are what little girls admire. But little girls admire those things because they have learned to imitate other people. Their mothers.

Young and pretty, innocent and caring, little girls look to their mothers for guidance. They love and admire everything their mothers do. Their mothers are smart and are the “bestest” people in world. 

Ultimately, little girls grow up to be big girls. Young women. With puberty, raging hormones, and the opposite sex lurking somewhere, some young girls and their mothers drift apart. Tension between mothers and daughters festers when mothers try to direct their young daughters to stay on the “right” life-path instead of letting hormones and the opposite sex rupture their relationship.

For other young women, staying close to their mothers is important.  These young women are not easily led down an unsafe path. They obey their mothers or try to please them, and try to learn from their mothers’ past mistakes.  They maintain the strong mother-daughter bond. 

Day Laughs, Night Cries: Fifteen shows that the mother-daughter bond can be broken and that it can be repaired again. It affirms that maintaining a strong bond strong is important. It also shows that non-birth mothers, can establish strong mother-daughter bonds.  

Reflection: Mothers are important. They are the first contact girls have, starting in the womb or holding their daughters at birth or adopting them as part of their families. Mothers  can relate to daughters in a way that fathers cannot. Mothers and daughters should resolve issues that pose a threat to their relationship.

The mother-daughter relationship is one of the themes in my newly released book, Day Laughs, Night Cries: Fifteeen, a true mother-daughter story about a shattering event that happens in a dark room.

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Meet the Author 
Peaches D. Ledwidge grew up in Hector’s River, a small village along the seacoast on the eastern side of Jamaica. Ledwidge reads her stories in university classes, academic conferences, literary events, and on national and local radio shows. She moved from Toronto to Pennsylvania to marry and live with her once sixth-grade puppy love.   


  1. Hi, MK and Peaches,

    I agree that the mother/daughter relationship is precious. I'm still missing my mother after having lost her 11 years ago.

  2. Joy, I'm still missing my mother too.

  3. I think the father-son relationship remains intact or drifts for similar reasons.

  4. Lovely post Peaches--thank you sharing with us today. I know I treasure the relationship I have with my mother.

  5. Alex, I'm learning more and more about the father-son relationship.

    Mk, Glad you have a good relationhsip with your mother.

  6. Mother daughter relationships are really important to me. I am so fortunate to have a mother I can depend on. :-)

  7. I'm good friends with my mom, which I love. I hope to be close to my daughter all her life in the same way.

    Congrats, Peaches!