Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Book Giveaway Begins This Week!

Christmas Book Giveaway begins this week! Hosted by author Genevieve Graham, the event offers book giveaways by each author below and two grand prizes at the end! Visit, follow, enter to win, and enjoy!

Authors and Dates
Joanna Bourne: Dec 3
Pamela Callow: Dec 4

MK McClintock: Dec 5
Steve Vernon: Dec 6
Sophie Perinot: Dec 7
Rona Altrows: Dec 10
Kaki Warner: Dec 11
Katherine S.Crawford: Dec 12
Nya Rawlyns: Dec 13
Victoria Vane: Dec 14

GRAND PRIZE #1 - Kaki Warner's "Runaway Bride" series (3 books)
GRAND PRIZE #2 - Pamela Callow's "Kate Lange thriller series" (3 books)

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