Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Soulmate for Christmas and Aliza Mann's Top 5 Reads of 2012

A SoulMate For Christmas, five stories that celebrate the wonder, the passion and the spirit of love during the Christmas season.

I KNOW YOU, by Char Chaffin:

Star-crossed lovers, united by death on Christmas Eve, search every fifty years to find each other again.


Two lonely hearts come together during the holidays and discover their destiny.

STELLAR HEART, by Aliza Mann:
Would-be high school lovers Harper Stellar and Alexis Alston are back together to save his family business during Christmas shopping season and hopefully correct his mistakes of the past.

A husband and wife, driven apart by tragedy, are given another chance during Christmas in the country.

HOLLY’S SECRET, by Angela Scavone:         
A woman’s need to reveal the truth could ruin the holidays and cost her the man she loves.

Top Five Reads of 2012 by Aliza Mann
With a turkey carcass in the garbage can and all the candy canes carefully removed from the tree and consumed, I can honestly say that I have a Christmas hangover. In a few hours, I’ll be considering an efficient manner to rid myself of the twenty pounds I gained over the last month between the two biggest holidays of the year.

With the kids on their video games, or out visiting in my car (I’ll never get over that part), I have a few moments between napping to review some of the year’s best romantic fiction. With my vast tastes, this list may not seem to have much in common, other than the fact that I read them, but each was in a class all its own.

1.       Bared to You by Sylvia Day – Fresh off the hype of Fifty Shades, Ms. Day brought in Eva and Gideon. Hot sex, complicated pasts and a bit of drama made us yearn for the next installment, which happens to be the very next title on the list.

2.       Reflected in You by Sylvia Day – This book actually made me stay up all night waiting for it to download into my eReader. Even though that was after midnight, I proceeded to read the first quarter of the book and walked around my day job reminiscent of something from Dawn of the Living Dead. Only to do it all again the next night.

3.       Midnight Seduction by Donna Grant – I was smitten with this interesting paranormal, book number 3 in the Dark Warriors series, from page one. In a saturated market, this story was a stand out. Featuring the budding relationship between Saffron and Camdyn, the couple to-die-for chemistry. A must read!

4.       All In by Raine Miller – The jury is still out with critics who accuse Miller of foul play, but this second book in the Blackstone series was thrilling. I am a person that loves  male POV and with a character as rich and multi-dimensional as Ethan Blackstone, I could hardly resist. 

5.       The final book on the list is a holiday read that my wonderful Manhattan buddy texted me about in the middle of the day. The novella, Getting Scrooged by Eden Bradley, is a fun, fantasy read with quite a different take on group holiday gatherings.  *Ahem*

With just a few days remaining in the year, and hopefully, some free time for you, take a look at one or all of these fantastic titles. They offer hours of entertainment and are well worth the price of the download.

In 2013, I wish you a healthy life, a happy family and a few random hours to spend reading your favorite authors.

Blessing and Happy Holidays!

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