Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem: 10 Reasons Why You Should Read this Book

Katiyana Whyte’s world is only as big as the apple orchard she was raised on. She can never leave the home where she grew up under the careful eye of her great uncle Barney. But when life at the orchard suddenly becomes dangerous and her childhood friend Jeremy begs her to flee, Kat finds refuge in the Fluttering Forest with seven dwarfs.

Meanwhile, the queen of Mayhem, an evil sorceress, learns through her magic mirror that the daughter she believed to be dead still lives. Enraged, she sends a servant to kill Kat, the princess of Mayhem, but Kat finds protection in a spell that causes snowstorms whenever she is in danger, giving her the nickname Snow Whyte.

Give us 10 reasons why we should read your book?
It’s a positive, uplifting read that will restore your hope in good triumphing over evil
You’ll laugh and cry—maybe even on the same page
It’s clean
If you don’t, you’ll never know how it ends

The cover is amazing
It will keep you guessing and may even shock you at times
The characters are distinct and loveable
It will delight you
It’s a perfect chilly winter read
Jalb will hunt you down if you don’t
Who are your 10 favorite book characters?
Anne Shirley
Marilla Cuthbert
Amy Dorrit
Jo March
Elizabeth Bennet
Annalise of the Verdant Hills
Harry Potter
Ebenezer Scrooge
Winnie the Pooh
Emma Woodhouse 

What are 10 items on your bucket list?
Live outside the U.S.
Survive motherhood
Make it to the NY Times bestseller list
Live on a farm or ranch
Learn patience—real, true, honest-to-goodness, flawless patience
Have out as many books as my age
Overcome my fear of deep sea water and deep sea water fish
Learn to draw and paint
Get a master’s degree

A Reader's Opinion
I've read a few variations of Snow White and I have to admit that I really appreciated the direction the author took with this adaptation. Imagine yourself sitting down in a circle with the storyteller on a chair in the center--that's what I pictured while reading this book. The majority of this book is written as a story being told and I've always preferred more showing with dialogue, but that didn't necessarily prevent me from enjoying it. My favorite character turned out to be the "mirror, mirror, on the wall", but that's all I'm going to say about that because I don't want to give a spoiler.

I'll admit that I was surprised with the revealing of certain characters in the end and the author did a nice job with the surprise factor. This would be a great story to read out loud to children as a bedtime story and is a nice clean read for all audiences. 

Meet Author Melissa Lemon
Melissa has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil in her hand and she has a deformed, calloused finger to prove it.  She began twisting fairy tales in the fifth grade when she wrote a story about George of the Jungle making his way to Neverland.  Melissa enjoys writing, making music, reading, baking and running.  She lives with her husband, three daughters and cat named Matilda.  To learn more about author Melissa Lemon and her other book Cinder and Ella you can visit her website: www.authormelissalemon.com.


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