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The Wanting Heart: An Interview and Giveaway with Author Rionna Morgan

Will Kate survive the stalking of a serial killer and find what her heart truly wants?

Today we welcome author Rionna Morgan, as she tours her debut book, The Wanting Heart. From the big sky state of Montana, join me as I visit with this former professional barrel racer turned teacher turned writer. Welcome Rionna!
Is writing a full-time career for you? If not, how else do you spend your work day?

I am lucky enough to say that writing is a full-time career for me. As full-time as it can be between ballet and tap practice for two of our three girls.  I do race around after our 22 month old every day, singing and reading to her the little books she loves.  And even our oldest makes his appearance known with calls from college to share fun stories.  Oh, yes and my husband.  We do schedule in a dinner once in a while and a visit to the movie theater.  Before I was able to devote all of my working time to writing, I was a middle school English teacher. 

If you had to sum it up The Wanting Heart in 30 or less words, what would you say?

A barrel racer gets swept off her feet by a serial killer.

What three words would best describe Kate?

Stubborn, Brave, Intelligent.

What is your favorite scene in The Wanting Heart?

There is a point where Kate visits the rodeo grounds where she lives in Colorado.  She isn’t competing in the barrel racing, but she is visiting her friends and settling in to watch in her hometown rodeo.  I was able to paint a picture with my words that describes the best parts of rodeo in my opinion. 

Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?

In my youth, I was a professional barrel racer for years.  I took the love I have for the sport of rodeo and gave it to Kate.  The rest of the book is fictional.

What has been your greatest pleasure in writing this book?

I was able to share my love of rodeo with the characters in The Wanting Heart.  I grew up in the arms of the West with strong, stubborn women and their cowboys as my guide.  I learned that hard work and persistence is the key to a dream coming true.  Also, there is a romance associated with the man who wears that cowboy hat.  There is a sacred vein that runs along the fence line where horses stand in the setting sun, where children laugh and play in the summer breeze, where that cowboy tends the fence keeping his animals, his land and his family safe.

Do you have plans for a new book?  Is this book part of a series?

The Wanting Heart was planned as the first book in a series.  Kate has three friends.  I intend to write a book for each of their stories. 

What do you have in store next for your readers?

Judge Thyself First, a stand-alone title is set to be released November 12, 2012.  It is about a profiler and an investigator who uncover a decades old murder at an Alabama women’s prison. 

Beyond that, I am working on another where an artist stumbles across a murder scene with a fairy tale twist. 

What has been your greatest pleasure or personal success as an author?  

I love to write.  I would write even if no one ever read a word of it.  My pen is as natural an extension to my body as my arms or my fingers.  But sharing my story with my readers is truly a gift.  I had no idea how amazing it would be.  It is a full circle—writer, story, reader, impact—it is a magic thing. 

What type of hero do you like best?

Someone who is strong, but kind hearted.  One who isn’t perfect and loves his heroine with all the pieces of his heart he didn’t know he had. 

Who or what has most influenced your writing?

My mom.  When I was small she was forever writing poetry and stories to teach us a lesson or to entertain us.  She died years ago before I became the woman I am.  But I still hear her voice.

Is there a genre you wish you could write, but haven’t made the plunge? Which one and what appeals to you about it?

That is easy…paranormal.  I love it nearly as much as I enjoy romantic suspense.  The realm of magic is my favorite.  I think it stems from the witches in Shakespeare.  I’m a big Shakespeare fan!  …I’ll think of something.  I’m so excited to dream up a fantastic idea. 

You’re spending one year living on a desert island – which three authors do you want with you?  

I couldn’t resist answering this one…Shakespeare, Poe and Nora Roberts.  I’d be in reading heaven. 

Favorite place?

My dinner table with my children and my husband.  Everyone enjoying the food in front of them, laughing and talking at once.  It is the most sacred of places.

Best Christmas present?

A green Irish wool wrap from Ireland.  It is so warm and beautiful.  Given with so much love. –I have the best husband. 

Favorite author?

Impossible question… I think I’ll have to say Edgar Allan Poe.

Favorite smell?

The prairie sage after a summer rain.

Favorite series?

The Three Sisters Island Trilogy—Nora Roberts.  Lord of the Rings—JRR Tolkien

(MK adding this in—The Three Sisters Island Trilogy is one of my favorites too!)

Favorite movie?

Who knows…Die Hard.  Becoming Jane.  The Jane Austen Book Club—definitely!

Favorite dish?

Chocolate ice cream – probably not what you were asking. :)

Favorite color?


Favorite quote?

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.”  As You Like It: Act II Scene VII.  –Shakespeare (of course).

Your best trait?

My kindness

Your worst trait?

My stubborness

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your reader’s today?

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The Book

The Wanting Heart, released, July 9, 2012 by Crimson Romance.
Katherine White, a barrel racer from Colorado, lives in a fast-paced world where rhinestones shine, hooves pound, and dreams come true.  She plans on winning World Champion Barrel Racer and being with her friends until she graduates from college.  She doesn’t plan on the man who broke her heart strolling back into her life.  She doesn’t plan on finding solace in a charming stranger’s smile or falling victim to his knife.  
Blake Spencer, the man who broke her heart, is all cowboy—from the hat on his head to the dust on his boots. He thought it’d be easy, coming back to town, bowing his head a little, saying he was sorry, and all would be forgiven.  But what he didn’t know, what he didn’t plan on, was that the girl he thought he loved had become the woman he couldn’t have. If he doesn’t succeed in changing her mind, it won’t only cost him Kate’s love—it will cost Kate her life.
Will Kate survive the stalking of a serial killer and find what her heart truly wants?

Tour Giveaway!
Rionna will be giving away two copies of her book to two randomly drawn commenters from the tour.

Connect with Rionna!
My Goodreads author page:

An Excerpt
“It’s late, Blake.  I’m tired.” Kate said.
“Not too tired to be kissing that city feller.”  Blake could’ve kicked himself.  He wanted to talk to her not fight.
“That’s none of your business.  You have no right to be spying on me.”
“I wasn’t spying.  I was watching Cathy.”
Kate stepped into the full light.  “Well, you should have taken her home and been on your way!”
Seeing dark circles beneath Kate’s eyes, Blake studied her.  He saw sadness and fatigue.  “Jesus, Kate.  Did you drive home last night?  Have you even been home?”
“What do you care?”
Blake grabbed her arms.  “Are you trying to kill yourself?”
“No.  I’m living my life.”
“I’ll tell you what you’re doing.  You’re going home and going to bed.”
“Don’t use that range boss voice on me.  You have no right.”
Blake couldn’t listen to another word.  Holding her body, even in anger, was too much for him.  Her words were crushed against her mouth as his lips covered hers.  He lifted her off her feet, molding her body to his.  She’d been nineteen the last time he kissed her.  Her body had grown and filled out since then.  But, he wasn’t thinking of that.  He wasn’t thinking of anything, but how damn good it felt to just hold her, kiss her.  Begging for her surrender, he stroked his hands over her hips, up her back and fisted them in her hair.

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  1. It's so much fun to have you with us today Rionna! I enjoy the interview and getting to know a little bit more about a fellow Montana author!

  2. Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the great interview and excerpt. I can't wait to read that rodeo scene. Thanks for the blog tour.


  3. Joanne,

    Thank you for the congratulations! You are very welcome for the excerpt and for the interview. It was so much fun!

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