Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun Festivites of Country Folk: On Tour with Author Krista Kedrick and "Family Ties" with a Giveaway!

When two worlds collide can they realize love, tame passion and form a bond strong enough to tie a family together?

Fun Festivities of Country Folk
by Krista Kedrick

I’m from the country so I may be biased, but we country people know how to entertain ourselves. We are some of the most inventive people on the planet. We have a knack for identifying interesting and creative new uses for almost anything. I think it comes from having to make do with what you have because we don’t have shopping centers at our disposal.

Now I know how the outside world sometimes views us; as uneducated, alcoholic, dirty, trailer dwellers. The words redneck and backwoods get thrown around and the whole word pictures straw hats, missing teeth and overalls. But to me that’s not entirely fact, we’re not all like that. I’ve had a pretty good time for most of my life attending and participating in these creative games. This is how I believe they came to be…
Wanda: “The garden’s overflowin’! All that pig **** we spread around really paid off and I’ve run outta cannin’ jars. What are we gonna do with all these here punkins, Bubba?”
Bubba: “Looky here Wanda! I got me an old inner tube and if’n we jest stretch it tween these here trees we can launch that there punkin! Betcha it’ll go pert near fifty feet. Lemme call up Junior and the boys.”

And so we have Punkin’ Chunkin’. Today it involves physics, design and construction knowledge to win.
            “John Deere!”
            “John Deere!”
            “No way! My tractor can run circles around yours!”
            “Yeah, right! Mine can run yours into the ground!”

I’ve been witness to the passion men have about the brand of their equipment and the arguments that ensue. And being men, they have to prove their point by competition.  Hence: the Tractor Pull.

And lastly the conversation that resulted in Husband Callin’.
            “I never have any trouble getting Frank in for dinner.”
            “Well, Leroy comes running when I holler for him.”
            “None of you could possibly compete with my method of getting Wally in the door.”
            “Wanna bet?”
And the women hollering, whistling and sweet talking competition was born.
Yes, these events are real and sometimes televised. I have participating in these and more, cow chip toss, wife carrying and the husband/wife blindfolded lawn mower driving. They are fun and take way more brains than one would think. It’s just a different kind of thinking. Common sense and problem solving plays a big part. So come on out to the country, bring your koozie, a pair of boots and a sense of adventure.

The Book

She’s all country…
He’s all city…
Grace Tucker thought she had her life put back together - with the help of her over-protective brothers.  She had a quiet, predictable life operating the family hardware store in her hometown and spending her free time with her friends, the Caldwell family.  That was… until a tragic accident took her two best friends and left their daughters orphaned.  If that wasn’t devastating enough - Dirk Caldwell, the egocentric, completely handsome brother no one’s met, blows into town.
Dirk Caldwell realized he wasn’t in California anymore when he stepped from the redneck, rattletrap airplane and was smacked in the face with a cold breeze laced with manure.  It was exactly what he’d expected from the backwater town his brother called home.  But going head to head with Grace Tucker was not.  The hot-headed, leggy cowgirl was almost more than he could handle.  But, oh how he’d like to give it a try.
When two worlds collide can they realize love, tame passion and form a bond strong enough to tie a family together?
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Book Quick Facts
Release Date: May 18, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Formats: Paperback/Kindle/Nook
Publisher: Cowboy Capital Publications 


  1. I still thought this was a joke when I first read it--crazy funny! Great having you with us here today Krista.

  2. Oh my, Krista. I feel like we're neighbors yet live states apart, LOL. We have Tractor Pulls around here every weekend and Punkin' Chunkin' happens 30 minutes away from where I live. People are so serious about it too:-) Great post!

  3. How is that I've lived in the country for 90% of my life and I had no idea what these were? Hmmm--perhaps mountain country is different than country-country? Is that word? I think not! Have you participated in these Kimberly?

  4. Thanks for the great post and blurb. Loved the "Fun festivities of country folk". We used to do things like this in Pennsylvania when we would go visit my husband's grandparents.
    This book sounds like a winner. Can't wait to read it.


  5. LOL, MK. Maybe "mountain country" is different from "country-country":-) I have never participated in these particular events, but they sure are popular. Years ago (like when I was a child) my dad participated in what we called "Mud Hops". Saturday mornings we'd head out to this huge clay-mud hole event where people would drive their 4x4's through all this mud and whoever got the furthest and did it the fastest won. Good old country fun:-)