Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Touring with A Novel Idea LIVE! Interview and Giveaways!

 What is it?
A Novel Idea Live is a landing pad for readers and a launching pad for authors.  Our mission is to help authors further their career and for readers to discover new writers.  We have many creative ways of helping authors, whether through our live broadcast show, tips or blog posts we hope to give you something you can apply and find useful. We hope to offer a cozy community where we all share and grow together.  So come on over and join in the conversation.  You won’t regret all the fun you will have gathering information with us.

What They Offer!
  • Author Database Listing, 1st book free and packages available for upgrade
  • Banner ads of various sizes and places on the site
  • Text listings
  • Show sponsorships (three shows to choose from)
  • Guest spots on Live shows 
  • Book Trailers w/voice
  • Voiced ads for the Live Show
  • Audio Books
  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Information for authors to further their career
  • Information for readers to discover new authors and learn more about those they already love.
  • . . . and so much more! 
The Giveaways!
Two simple ways to enter! 

1. Comment to be entered! Leave a comment at each tour stop to increase your chances.  

2. Follow A Novel Idea LIVE on Facebook at  
A Novel Idea LIVE will be offering a promotion package including 1 featured banner (1 week), 1 show sponsor (1 Week), 1 spotlight author (runs the week after) and 1 text author listing. A $165 value! Hosts will also be entered into a drawing for 2 available guest spots on A Novel Idea LIVE show.

In Their Words! 

What inspired the development of A Novel Idea?

It started out as just a fun way to do something that we both like – broadcast.  But we soon realized that we could really turn it into a useful tool for authors.  It came after hours and hours of conversation (yes we talked off air too) about what it was that authors were looking for and we came up with a way to combine our individual talents and give them a pool of information and promotion.  

Ryan is charge of all things technical and has vast experience with computers and broadcasting.  He offers the most helpful advice by walking you through the steps to make all your computer and online interactions easy and extremely useful. As well as making A Novel Idea Live the neatest website around.  

Krista offers years of research in the self-publishing world and experience with self-promotion and self-publishing as she has ventured into both worlds.  She has an upbeat personality and many years of experience in entrepreneurship as well as a background in sales and marketing.
We want to share those with a community that has changed to become so dependent on using those skills to promote themselves. And we want those who a part of the community to help and share with others too. 

 What do you feel are some of the greatest challenges facing authors today?

The biggest challenges for authors are learning that they must take on all the tasks of marketing and the other is being found.  Which are really all connected into one job.  They have to spread their time out between creating their book and the business of selling their book.  It is a challenge and can be overwhelming.  That’s where A Novel Idea Live comes in.  We want to be able to simplify and help with the process.
What can an author expect from a live interview?

To have a lot of fun!  The intention of the show is to help others while also promoting your work. Krista and Ryan ask questions geared toward the business and what your part in it is.  You will be asked to share your experiences and advise and then we get into the fun part of talking about your books!
What new and exciting features can we expect from A Novel Idea?

We have so many exciting things on the horizon.  We have been teasing a Big Announcement in previous weeks, September 9th will bring the addition of shows.  Along with A Novel Idea Live with Krista Kedrick where authors are interviewed and advise is given and Attack the Tech with Ryan where he answers all your questions and walks you through every tech topic relevant to writers we will have a roundtable discussion show as well as other valuable broadcasts to be added.  The plan is to become a 24 hour a day network full of information and fun for writers and readers as well as all the articles.

The searchable database of authors is in the final stages of production and is available to all authors of any genre.  The first book is free to list but there will be upgrade packages for more books and content to be listed for readers to peruse.  The database will also be attached, so to speak, to the bi-weekly Newsletter which will offer opportunities for authors to be listed as a featured book or author to subscribers.

Join the Tour!
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  1. Enjoying the tour and the fun! Thank you, A Novel Idea LIVE, for joining us and sharing the fun!