Saturday, August 11, 2012

From the Romance Writers Report-August 2012 Edition

As a new member of Romance Writers of America, I had the pleasure of receiving my first copy of RWR or Romance Writers Report. Normally I don't find these types of publications useful, however RWR is extremely useful and even better, enjoyable to read. 

You'll have to join and get a copy for the full details (which I highly recommend), but here are a few of my favorite highlights. 
  • A Writer's Guide to Book Blogger Etiquette. This wonderful article written by Linda Poitevin offers eight tips for dealing professionally with book bloggers. My favorite is Tip Two (actually all of the tips are excellent), but this particular one explains that an author should do their research before requesting a book review. It explains that not all book bloggers review all books and that before contacting, find out first if that blogger is interested in your genre by checking their Policy page or emailing them. 
  • Your Best Book. This is a great feature and wonderfully enough, applies to me! My favorite article is titled No Loose Ends: Typing up Plots and Subplots at the End of a Series by Alyssa Day. She covers the basics of structure, keeping track of all the stuff that goes into a series, timelines, and wrapping up final loose ends. 
  • Classifieds. Yes, I like the classifieds section and found an excellent little editing tool called AutoCrit Editing Wizard. It doesn't take the place of a professional editor, but after trying it out, I decided it's an excellent tool for an author to use during the initial edit before sending it out. The software identifies cliches, overused phrases and words, sentence variation, etc. I highly recommend this software as a supplement for any writer (or at least any writer like me who prefers a little quick electronic help).
All in all, I'm pleased with my first copy of RWR and look forward to their future publications. Next month it says they will focus on editing and revising your finished work--can't wait!


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  2. Glitch on my part-it's up now!