Sunday, August 12, 2012

Books for Charity

I recently lost someone close to me. A person of strength who loved people and life. She gave to others whenever she could and when she loved, she loved without reservation or qualification. In honor of her, I'm making August (at least for me),  '"Books for Charity Month".

Between August 15-August 31st, 50% of all royalties from the sales of Gallagher's Pride and Gallagher's Hope will be donated to the Africa Heartwood Project, an organization run by a family I have known and respected for many years. Visit their website to learn more at  

During the same time period, the other 50% of all royalties from these books will be donated to Clays for Kids, a local organization in the Flathead Valley of Montana. Learn more at

I've decided this is also a good month for book donations. One thing I loved about spending time in Woodstock, VT was the big Bookstock festival they have every year. Rows and rows of books, hundreds of people, and everything went to the public library. Normally I like to keep books on my shelves for years, but I always start a stack that I plan to donate to the local library.

Then I found this . . .

I also came across this excellent post from the blog, Books: A True Story. It proposes a book buying ban for charity and I for one plan to take part, (though I'm getting a late start in the month). Visit the post at 

I've accepted Challenges 1 & 2 and will shoot for Challenge 3 when I find a local program that accepts volunteers for reading programs (which I'm sure there are plenty).
  • Challenge 1: Don’t buy any books for the month of August and donate the money you save to a local school or charity.
  • Challenge 2:  Go through your bookshelves and see if there are at least 10 books you can donate to your local library, school, or other charity that is in need of books.
  • Challenge 3: Spend four hours this month teaching a kid to read or volunteering at a local school or charity.
Imagine the good that books and literacy can do for others.

Would you like to join Books for Charity month?  If so, what are your ideas? Do you have a good story to share?


So my Challenge 1 goal didn't last long--bought four books today. I also like to support new authors by purchasing a copy of their books. So, because I apparently have a book-buying illness, I'm going to modify my Challenge 1 slightly.  Instead of not buying any books during the month of August, I'm going to match. In other words, for every book I purchase, I'll donate $1 to a book or literacy charity. We'll see how that one works! I had a feeling that everything I made this year from book sales would go back into buying books!

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  1. I like your matching idea! I think I have a book buying illness, too. I've been going to the library more this month to help with it. It feels good to support my local library. Thanks for joining my challenge!