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Yesterday's Dreams: An Interview with Author Jean Adams

Visiting us today all the way from New Zealand, please welcome author Jean Adams!
Tell us a little about yourself Jean.
I started writing about 20 years ago, thinking I would be the next Agatha Christie, but of course I had no idea how to craft a story, let alone work out a murder mystery. After a lot of false starts, someone introduced me to Mills & Boon, and it was love at first read. Of course I was no better at them, but it started me on a journey to further my knowledge of the romance genre.

What is your favorite non-writing pastime?

When I’m not writing or working, I really enjoy walking, particularly along the beach.

Is writing a full-time career for you? If not, how else do you spend your work day?

Not yet, but here’s hoping. At the moment, for my sins, I’m a telemarketer. But I shouldn’t complain—the hours suit my writing schedule, and it’s work I don’t have to think about. I get a lot of good ideas while I sit daydreaming, making notes, etc. In fact I’m working on a new one right now that has me very excited and jumping out of bed at 4.30am.

If you had to sum up the book in 30 or less words, what would you say?

THE FIRES OF PASSION is the story of Blaize Hathaway, a jeweler who despises rich women until he meets one who challenges all his long-held beliefs. Then he’s in trouble.

What inspired the idea behind your book?

It’s a follow-on from the first book in the Patiki Bay series, YESTERDAY’S DREAMS

Do you have a favorite character in the book? Who and why?

Yes, there is a Maori character, Moana, who is integral to both books. She is very down-to-earth and watches over both heroines like a mother hen, but from a distance. Always has plenty of wisdom to impart.

Without giving it all away, please tell us a little something about how Blaize is going to get through their biggest challenge.

Blaize has to realise that not all rich women are users and that he must forgive himself for his past.

What is your favorite scene in the book?

There is a scene in THE FIRES IF PASSION where Blaize takes Kim on an underwater boat ride. She is terrified because of something that happened in her past. But because he so understanding, she overcomes her fear of going under the water.

Do you share any personality traits with the main character? 

I can identify with Kim, the heroine in THE FIRES OF PASSION, who guards her independence fiercely. Although she loves her family dearly, she will not allow them to interfere in her freedom.

Do you have to be alone or have quiet to write?

Yes, I need absolute quiet.

What has been your greatest pleasure in writing this book?

Both books gave me the chance to showcase the beautiful Bay of Islands, at the top of North Island, New Zealand, one of my favorite places in world. Kim, the American heroine, takes to New Zealand life like a duck to water.

Do you have plans for a new book?  Is this book part of a series?

I am at present working on an historical trilogy set in ancient Egypt. Three separate stories under three different pharaohs. I’m very excited about the series.

What do you have in store next for your readers?

I have a new book coming out soon with The Wild Rose Press, A MAN LIKE SAXON, which is set on a New Zealand farm. Saxon is a Hollywood director, using the heroine’s farm to make his movie.

What has been your greatest pleasure or personal success as an author?  

Making so friends in the romance-writing world.

What type of hero do you like best?

I must admit to having a soft spot for misunderstood bad-boy hero who comes right in the end and proves everyone wrong. YESTERDAY’S DREAMS has one such hero.

What type of heroine do you like best?

The kind who gives the hero as good as she gets-but loves him secretly.

Is there any place and time in the world and in history that you would like to visit?

I would love to go back to the golden age of ancient Egypt, the 18th/19th dynasties. One of my great passions is ancient Egypt and would like to see the pyramids as they were originally meant to be. I would also like to visit pharaoh’s court.

Is there a genre you wish you could write, but haven’t made the plunge? Which one and what appeals to you about it?

I would like to write Arthurian/Celtic novels, the other passions of my life. Maybe when I’ve finished the Egyptian WIPs, I’ll take a look at an Arthurian trilogy. LOL. I have Celtic heritage so I would love to do it justice.

What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve received?

Don’t let naysayers and dream-stealers talk you out of going for your dreams.

Do you believe in writer’s block? Has it ever happened to you? 

No, I don’t believe in writer’s block. I believe the phenomenon is something that happens to writers who don’t know their characters or their back-stories very well. I think that if they got to know their characters more, delved deeper into their pasts, the authors wouldn’t experience writer’s block.

Have you ever literally deleted or thrown away a book you’ve written?

Yes, several in the beginning.  Now I don’t throw them away, I put them aside for future reference.  Sometimes I cannibalize them for newer books.

The Fires of Passion
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Every woman should know a man like Blaize Hathaway.

When Kimberley Holland shrugs off her family and relocates to the other side of the world, never does she imagine meeting the drop-dead gorgeous stranger who threatens her newfound freedom. His touch leaves her questioning far more than her good breeding, and leaves her hungry. Her grandmother’s wise words encourage living life to the fullest -- but is one week long enough?

Blaize Hathaway despises wealthy women. They are predators who prey on ambitious young men, and the one he's been tasked to spy on is no different. Then he meets Kimberley, who challenges all his beliefs.

Before Blaize can surrender to the fires of passion, he must escape the torments of a darkened past. Will he find the peace and love he yearns for or will he be too late?

Book Content: These books are 'spicy' and both contain sexual content. 
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: January 19th, 2011

She was his strength—and his weakness.
Ten years ago, Emma Davenport gave her innocence to a blue-eyed bad boy guaranteed to break her heart. Little did she know, a teenage love would eternally haunt her dreams and change her life.

Now Kane Hunter’s back. With him comes a whirlwind of memories and unrequited dreams. He possesses the means to repair Emma's fractured world and guilt drives him to do all he can for the woman he’s never forgotten.

But when he learns he has a daughter, Kane confronts the one fear that all his success can’t negotiate. Will youthful passion become a reality, or will their love always remain yesterday’s dreams?.

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PDF versions of the Patiki Bay duet, YESTERDAY'S DREAMS and it's companion, THE FIRES OF PASSION  by Jean Adams as a prize. Both books are contemporaries and set in New Zealand. Comment for a chance to win!

Jean Adams, the author
Jean now lives in New Zealand after migrating from England. Her great passion is writing, followed closely by ancient Egypt and anything Celtic. She writes mainly contemporaries and is also working on an Egyptian trilogy. She is a course junkie, so you might meet her on one course or another.  

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