Monday, July 9, 2012

An Avid Reader's Haven

Reader’s Haven at MK McClintock Blog
w/Louise James & Deanna Jewel

MK:  Could you tell us a little about An Avid Reader’s Haven?

RH: Haven is a warm friendly place for readers to gather and chat about what they read, and a place for authors to advertise their books. We offer several Advertising packages as well as Design packages.

MK:  What led you to create An Avid Reader’s Haven?

RH:   We wanted a place to help promo authors and their books but also a soothing site for readers to visit when they search for new authors and books. We have a blog and several pages with links for readers. There is also a forum for readers to chat with other readers about what genres and books they enjoy!

MK:  What do you look for in a book reviewer and what do they gain from the experience? 

RH:   An avid reader, committed reviewer who has an established blog. The reviewer’s benefits are learning about new authors and receiving free books in exchange for their review. Our reviewers each have their own page on our main site and receive a web button to place on their blog to link to their page.

MK:  What can authors expect from joining An Avid Reader’s Haven? What opportunities are there for them?

RH:  We hope more authors will take out a Featured Author page. Their page will include a bio, covers, site and buy links and synopsis/excerpt for one of their books including one update within the time frame. We also do Twitter and FB promos for those authors and on our blog the authors’ pages are listed. We’ve been running monthly ad specials for authors to take advantage of and that’s working well. They can check our main site for the monthly sale.

Anyone can join our main site for free under Members Area, click on Registration, or they can sign in through Facebook.

MK:  What have been the greatest rewards since beginning this site? 

RH:  Getting feedback from readers who are enjoying the site and the author interviews we post weekly on our blog. Do to an overwhelming response we’ve recently booked the blog through the end of the year with an interview being posted every Sunday and staying up for a full week. Another is seeing the authors join our site. We’re getting more exposure every day. One thing we didn’t expect is the rush of book reviews being requested by authors! We’re loving that and need more book reviewers.

MK:  Where can authors and reviewers find you?

RH:  Our site links are listed below so we hope more authors and readers will check us out! On our main site authors can ‘Contact Us’ for book requests, author interviews, questions and reviewers can let us know they want to review for us. We receive an email notification and do respond quickly.

MK, thank you for having us here today. We’ve enjoyed our visit!


  1. MK, Thank you so much for having us here today! Your site's main photo is gorgeous! I've always loved the mountains covered in pine trees - I find it relaxing to listen to the wind as it whispers through the trees. The scent of pine is another favorite. I could sit lakeside all day and enjoy that view!

    Readers and authors, we hope you'll visit our sites, sign our guestbook and continue to visit with our local authors each week as we host new guests! Thank you for stopping by today!

  2. Thank you for being here with us today Deanna and Louise! I've enjoyed working with An Avid Reader's Haven and hope both authors and readers have a chance to work with you.

  3. Great post, MK! Thanks so much for all the information Louise and Deanna! Your site sounds really interesting and I can't wait to check it out! Thanks again!

  4. Hi Mk, Kimberly and Deanna!
    MK, thanks again for the shout out on Haven. Kimberly, I followed your blog. It looks great too!
    Deanna, I agree on MK's blog. The banner is like a movie poster.
    Readers, we need book reviewers. Authors, we'd loved to help you promote.
    Visit our blog each week to meet a new author. Our interviews run from Sunday through Friday and 99% features an eBook giveaway.