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A Reader's Opinion: Dad Are You There? by Kenny Kemp

The Book:
(Blurb from back book cover)

From a son looking for reassurance to a dad struggling to stay connected, this heartwarming story spans a lifetime of family turmoil before coming full circle with another father and son.
Written as a poignant allegory, this powerful book teaches that becoming a man isn’t just about growing up. It’s about growing strong—strong in character, strong in heart, strong in spirit.

For fathers everywhere who knot the shoelaces, knead the baseball mitt, turn the wrench, and correct with kindness, Dad, Are You There? shows that dads are not only one of God’s best ideas . . . they’re how He puts those ideas into actions.

A Reader’s Opinion:

The book blurb does an excellent job of summarizing this heartwarming story.  This is a book with only about 74 pages and few words on each page, but what’s wonderful is that each word has an impact on the reader. You don’t learn the names of characters or delve into their personalities, but somehow the author paints a vivid image of each person in a way that the reader focuses on the message of the book. I was taken back to memories of my first day of school and going to the school bus stop without a parent and the day I graduated high school or when I got my first job and the encouragement my mother gave me every step of the way (see, not just for fathers and sons).

The message of strength, overcoming and enduring, is beautiful and powerful. This book may have been intended for sons and fathers, but it’s a touching story that can be enjoyed by any parent who has ever loved a child or by any child who has ever loved a parent.

Review of Dad Are You There?
Title ~ Dad Are You There?
Author ~ Kenny Kemp
Publisher ~ Sweetwater Books, an Imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc.
Published ~ April 10, 2012
My Rating ~ 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

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