Monday, June 18, 2012

Montana Moment Monday: Bears in the Back Yard

What, you thought I was joking about the back yard bit? This is our friend Stewart. He's a stubborn one, our Stewart. He would be much bigger now as these guys grow a bit each year. He's responsible for the destruction of our pear trees and because of this little guy, we've replaced more than one bird feeder (no, we haven't learned our lesson, but at least I'm inside at this moment). He's thwarted the efforts of Fish and Game (multiple times), who unsuccessfully kept a transport cage in our yard for over a week, but Stewart just laughed at them and went back to munching on pears.

I went outside to shoo him away (hey, he's just a little guy) and he let me get within a foot of him before he finally turned and romped away. Stewart wasn't around last season and I must admit that I miss him. He sends the dogs into a frenzy right at the moment I enter sweet and blissful slumber, but he doesn't realize he's ruined a perfectly good night's sleep - he just wants a snack.

He doesn't show up in the daytime often, but when he does it's a special treat. He doesn't stick around too long because, well he's a bear and he's smart enough to realize we're not. So he enjoys a rest in the gardens before sauntering off to his next adventure.

Thank you joining me today for this Montana Moment Monday.


  1. OH MY GOSH! I would die if I saw a bear in my backyard, let alone on my porch! I can't believe you went outside to shoo him away, lol. You are one brave woman:) By the way, your yard looks beautiful. I love all the rocks and flowers.

  2. At this age they're more like big fluffy dogs (looks kind of like one of my old dogs actually!). Any older and I would have stayed safely inside the house. :)

  3. I just love these pictures. I think bears are related to dogs LOL. And MUST love dogs.

    Great post!

  4. Tanya - I agree (at least with the black bears). :)