Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Reader's Opinion: Spirit of the Sky by Paty Jager

A Reader's Opinion:

This is a lovely story and Lt. Wade Watts became my favorite from the moment he entered the story, possibly because he's a soldier and therefore seems more accessible. What's most interesting about this book is the intertwining of the Nez Perce into the story. I know nothing of the culture and so I went into it knowing there would things I wouldn't understand, but the story is written in a way that it doesn't matter. I wish I had read the other two books in the series prior only so I could know more about the relationship between Sa-quan and her family. I like the way they communicate and work with one another throughout the story all the while sounding like siblings, so it keeps things grounded, which isn't easy when you're dealing with spirits. 

Sa-quan is a protector of her people and Wade is a soldier - this is a story of two people from different worlds whose differences aren't strong enough to stop them from coming together or fighting for their ways. The unfolding of Sa-quan and Wade's relationship is a seesaw at first, but becomes a sweet story as they work to overcome their differences. Sa-quan shows herself to be strong and even playful at times. It's a nice side of her to see after her initial formal behavior.

They both struggle with their loyalties and duties to their own people and their greatest challenge will be in how to save her people and themselves. I would recommend this book to any reader who enjoys a nice historical romance with a little something different. I look forward to reading the first two books in the series.

Book Content: There is graphic content in more than one scene and it is detailed, but the scenes aren't drawn out which I appreciated.


  1. Such a lovely book and now I have the first one of the series to enjoy!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Please spread the word. Thank you for the interview and the review.

  3. Oh, Paty! As always, it's a pleasure to read your work - and I'm definitely looking forward to this trilogy!

    Happy writing,
    Melia Alexander