Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Ties: Interview with Author Krista Kedrick

She's been here before and now we happily welcome back author Krista Kedrick to talk about writing and her newest release Family Ties. Welcome Krista!

MK: We're talking about your newest release, Family Ties. What's it about?  

KK: It’s a story about two head-strong people from completely different worlds who are thrown together in a tragic situation and find that what they thought they knew was in fact completely different.  Through all of it they find love and a home together.  

MK: Do you have a favorite character in Family Ties?  
KK: Grace’s older brother Sam.  I love him!  He’s protective yet loving.  He’s what a real cowboy is.  Strong, confident maybe even a little too confident but kind to children and animals.  He came from compiling the men in my life (alive and passed) into one character.

MK: While writing, did you connect with a particular character?  

KK: I did.  I really like Sunny/Grace.  She has some personality traits that I would love to have.  She speaks her mind, which I don’t do, even if it hurts feelings, she’s honest about it.  She grows the most during the story which I think is so important for anybody to do.  Keep working on yourself as a person – keep getting better.  Become who you want and accept that you don’t know everything.  And there is a scene where she goes for what she wants instead of waiting for it to happen.

MK: Did you plan to be a writer? 

KK: I didn’t ever “plan” to be an writer it was something I had always done.  I don’t express my feelings well through verbal communication.  I’m much better with written, that way I can get it just right. And I’m a bit of a control freak, you can control what everybody says and how they act if you write it down.

MK: What is your favorite non-writing past-time?  

KK: Has to be anything outdoors or physically active.  I love sports – lots of sports- anything from softball and volleyball to waterskiing, also gardening and riding ATVs.  I have to be active pretty much all the time, even when I write I spin in the desk chair.

MK: Do you write full-time or is there something else occupying your days?  

KK: I wish, I’m still moving in that direction – heck I may never get there.  But, fingers crossed, my works are well received and will support my creation addiction.  So I can write all those characters rambling around in my head.  Right now I am a distribution agent for a regional newspaper as well as a part time online broadcast co-host on a show called @Random which airs on Sunday afternoons at .  I am a mother of two and a wife of a farmer.  So I stay busy.

MK: Do you need quiet to write or do you like a little noise?   

KK: Crazy thing.  I have to have stillness in the room.  No kids running around, no dog or television, but I have to have music.  Headphones on playing the ballads by mostly country singers is what works best for me.

MK: What type of hero do you like best?  

KK: I’m alpha all the way.  I love a big strong man whose willing to take charge – heck he expects to be in charge.  The kind that hits first and asks questions later and always thinks he has to save a damsel in distress.  They are far too much fun to tangle with.   

MK: Is there any genre you wish you could write but haven’t yet?   

KK: Yes. Mysteries.  I love to read them, I love the web and not knowing what’s going to happen.  But my mind doesn’t quite work like that. I have too many mysteries in my own life to be creating more on pages.

MK: I agree - I would enjoy writing mysteries! Tell us, what time and place would you visit if you could?   

KK: Most definitely the late 40’s to 50’s.  I love that time period.  I totally would’ve been a war bride and then had a dozen pen pal soldiers.  I think that is such an inspiring time period.  President Roosevelt was terrific and it was the last time our country was united in anything.  Women were starting to move into a more progressive role but still had the traditional values.  It’s my ideal.

MK: How long did it take to get Family Ties published?  

KK: From start to finish it was 9 months, just like my babies.  That’s why I love being self-published.  I get my edits back, correct everything and upload it then it’s ready for sale.  Granted it is a TON of work.  I am doing everything myself, except the editing of course, but I had to find an editor.  I design the cover art, write the blurb, market (which is the most time consuming) It’s all worth it.  It leaves me in control of my book.  I only answer to the readers.

MK: What do you have in store next for your readers?   

KK: I have a series of three novels that will or can be stand alones as well.  They will have the same three main characters; women - one bed and breakfast owner with ties to the James gang, a coffee shop owner with a ghost complex and a landscaper who feels like an outsider.  All of them will be set in Nebraska like my first two.  I just love Nebraska, it’s beautiful here.

MK: Will you give us a little preview of Family Ties?

When Dirk’s phone had rung two nights ago he thought that’s what Danny was calling about.  Another trip.  A vacation to Nebraska.  Nebraska.  Not exactly the ultimate dream destination.  Corn fields and feed lots.  Seemed like a place of misery to Dirk.
            He had ignored the first call.  He would listen to Danny’s lighthearted message and subtle plea later.  He was making progress with a smoking hot redhead at the club and didn’t need any distractions.  Of course in L.A. you never could tell what was fake and what was real, so smoking hot was all relative, but that was part of the fun.
            Dirk loved his life.  He was successful; at least it appeared that way.  His bank account wasn’t too awful to look at.  He worked and played with the rich and famous.  They liked having him around and it was nice to be needed by them.  He had been gifted with the amazing talent to twist anything into an advantage.  He was the ultimate bull-shit slinger and the people loved him for it.
            His girlfriend, not that he couldn’t look around a little, was of course an aspiring actress.  Dirk was pretty sure she was with him for his connections, but he didn’t mind overly much.  She looked great in a cocktail dress and stilettos and she had a fantastic sexual menu.
            But when the second call from his brother’s house came an hour later he got a clench in his gut he couldn’t ignore.  He took the call.
            “You know you’re really screwing with my mojo, big brother.”  He had laughed and plugged his ear waiting to hear his brother’s comeback.
            “Excuse me?”  A female voice Dirk didn’t recognize asked.
            “Jayne?  Is that you?”  Maybe it was his sister-in-law.  He couldn’t tell with all the noise.  He pushed his finger harder against his ear and listened closer.
            “No.  Um.  This is Grace.  Grace Tucker.  You don’t know me…”
            “Hang on a second.”  Dirk walked toward the doors leading to the patio where people were swimming, but at least there wasn’t a blaring speaker in his face.  “Okay.  Sorry about that.  Who did you say this was?”
            “Grace Tucker.”  The woman’s voice sounded heavy, clogged.  He actually heard her swallow into the receiver.  “Mr. Caldwell.”
            A lump settled in his stomach.  Something was wrong.
            “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this.”  She paused to sniffle and Dirk clenched his jaw waiting.  “But, um, Danny and Jayne.”  She whimpered and drew a deep breath.  “They passed away.” Another swallow.  “They aren’t with us anymore.”

KK: Thank you so much for having me on your blog! 

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  1. Thanks for joining us again Krista - fun interview. Your new series sound good too - especially the connection to the James gang.

  2. Family Ties sounds like a wonderful story. Your little excerpt hooked me. And I love alpha heroes also. The more alpha the better. Wishing you lots of success.