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Crystal Lake Reunion - A Romance or Mainstream Fiction

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Welcome Celia Yeary,
Texas Romance Author 

Crystal Lake Reunion - A Romance or Mainstream Fiction

by Celia Yeary

In the midst of furiously writing romance novels, another story came to me. I knew it wouldn't be a pure romance, though. Oh, of course, I would have a heroine, and yes, she would meet the "one," but the plot would revolve around her, her mother, and a mystery baby.

We were driving south from Michigan through Indiana back to Texas, and through that region are long stretches of farms and small towns off the interstate. Often during times on the road such as this, we have a CD playing. This gives me "dreaming time." I stare at the highway in front and occasionally glance to the side, but I'm only seeing characters in my head, performing for me, trying to tell their story.

On this particular trip, a scene played in my head about two teen girls meeting in an Unwed Mother's Home in 1980, and both having baby girls. One baby dies; one goes home with a mother.

The main story is about Dana who accidentally learns a shocking truth about her identity and the actual place of her birth.

BLURB:  Crystal Lake Reunion

Twenty-five-year-old Houston realtor, Dana Dawson, has no reason to believe her life is not as it seems. When Ruth Dawson, her mother, travels thirty miles to Crystal Lake for her twenty-fifth high school reunion, she becomes ill. Dr. Grant Adams summons Dana to the small town she has never seen. There Dana begins to unravel a secret about her past she did not know existed.
Dana keeps her suspicions to herself and remains in Crystal Lake when her mother goes home. During the next week, she becomes acquainted with the charming young doctor and elicits his help to discover her true birthplace. There she finds a shocking truth that not only changes her life, but also almost destroys her mother and another entire family. 


 “Am I interrupting something, Dana?” he asked softly.
Nervously, she looked over her shoulder toward the foot of the bed he could barely see. That’s when his eyes locked on the beat-up, leather duffel bag on the floor. Dana swallowed hard as she slowly looked back at Grant.
“Is someone in your bed, Dana?” he asked calmly.
“Grant,” she whispered. “Could we talk later? I’ll explain everything.”
“Is Brian in your bed, Dana?” he asked again, this time coldly.
His laughing eyes had dimmed, and the deep dimple in one cheek did not appear, and his smiling mouth turned grim. She had never seen him this way, and the bottom seemed to drop from her stomach. Disaster loomed, a heart-breaking scenario that scared her to death. “Please let me explain later, please,” she heard herself plead.
“Dana, I think we can clear this up right now. Seems to me you’ve made your choice. Well, this is the way it is. I love you, Dana,” he said softly. “I fell in love with you early on, and I fell hard. I was giving you time to sort out your life, but now…this. You’ve dropped a bombshell on my head.” His voice dropped to a whisper, but the sound was like a drum banging in her head.
“I will not take second place, I will not take leftovers, and I will not stand in line.”  

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Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas

Celia Yeary is a seventh-generation Texan, and her life revolves around family, friends, and writing. San Marcos has been her home for thirty-eight years. She has ten published romance novels, short stories, three anthologies, and published essays with a local magazine. The author is a former science teacher, graduate of Texas Tech University and Texas State University, mother of two, grandmother of three boys, and wife of a wonderful, supportive Texan. Celia and her husband enjoy traveling, and both are involved in their church, the community, and the university.
She meets with The Write Girls on Tuesdays at a local coffee house.

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  1. Thank you so much for being with us today Celia and sharing a bit about your book - it sounds like a great story.

  2. This sounds like a really interesting story. I really enjoy romances with a bit of mystery thrown in:)

  3. Thank you, MK, for making this so lovely. And thanks for contacting me about the blog switch--it's a first for me!

  4. Celia, no wonder you are busy today. This is a gorgeous blog site so I'm happy to discover it. I wish it had a way to subscribe by email.

  5. Caroline - you're right, there should be an email follow (just added one). Thank you for pointing that out and thank you for stopping by today to visit the blog and Celia!

  6. I agree with Caroline. Great looking blog, MK.

    Celia, You know I love books with secrets, and of those books, I love family secrets the best. Crystal Lake Reunion is one of your books I haven't read yet, though I need to get going on that. Your excerpt is very intriguing - great pacing in the snip.

  7. Thank you, Kimberly--I appreciate your visit and comment.

  8. Caroline--and MK is gorgeous, too. Yes, she could add that to her blog--an email subscription--works for us at Sweethearts, doesn't it?

  9. Maggie--you opinion mean a lot to me. One of my intown readers sent a pretty card after she read it recently. She's read all my books, and she said she read to 3 am, got up, and started reading again until she finished. She pronounced it my best book of all. And so...I loved that. I haven't paid much attention to this book..and I'm trying to make up for it.

  10. Celia - I was going to ask if Crystal Lake Reunion would be for sale in paperback again? I prefer to read in print. :)

  11. I spoke too soon! I found the print copy at Whiskey Creek!

  12. Oh... Celia, I love the last line of your excerpt. Way to hook your readers!

  13. Thank you, Keena--I know good hooks at the end are important, but they're not easy to comeby. Glad you like this one.

  14. Celia, I see a strong family theme growing in your books. Very nice. :-)

  15. Winner of this giveaway is Kimberly Lewis.