Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's Happening? Next Week's Lineup

As the month is winding to a close, we have more great authors, a giveaway and a little downtime which equals extra writing time for me!
  • Monday: Interview with author Lyn Horner. I'll also be reviewing her book, Dashing Druid
  • Tuesday: What Happened in the Year...The first of a new post series about various events that in some way relate to my books, the settings of the books, or an event that took place in the Montana.
  • Wednesday: Interview with author Leigh Byrne. Check out her book, Call Me Tuesday.
  • Thursday: I'm visiting Kimberly Lewis's Blog for an interview, so stop by and chat with us. 
  • Friday: Whew! Playing hookey half day to write, write, write!
  • All week long: the Three Books, Three Winners Giveaway is open to entries through April 30th!

Above Image: A glimpse of the Swan Mountain Range taken while I was out shopping. It's funny to read the description page on Wikipedia because it mentions the major cities near the range including Kalispell, Bigfork and Seeley Lake. In this case 'major city' means a place where either there is one stoplight or the stoplights all turn into blinking lights after a certain time at night because there aren't enough cars on the road to worry about. Montana has no 'major cities'. The highest peak in the range is Holland Peak at 9,356 feet - not too high but majestic nonetheless.

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