Monday, April 23, 2012

A Reader's Opinion: Dashing Druid by Lyn Horner

The Book (Amazon blurb):
Dashing Druid continues Lyn Horner’s unique Texas Druids saga. This sensual western romance stars Tye Devlin, the eldest of three psychically gifted siblings. Descended from legendary Irish Druids, Tye is an empath. He “feels” others’ emotions. Over time, he has learned to block out most of the “racket” in order to save his sanity, but when he meets Texas cowgirl Lil Crawford, he has no defense against her hidden pain.

Unlucky in love, Lil guards her bruised heart behind a tough fa├žade, working alongside her father’s cowhands. When a handsome stranger with an Irish brogue calls her beautiful, she thinks he’s mocking her, yet she can’t help wishing such a man might truly find her beautiful. Haunted by his own nightmarish memories, Tye faces an uphill battle in his pursuit of this spirited, part-Cherokee heroine.

Set in the 1870s, against a backdrop of Texas ranch life and an iconic cattle drive, this epic love story pits Tye and Lil against dangerous enemies and their own feuding families as they fight their personal demons. Will they decide love is worth the consequences? Will Tye’s gift turn out to be a blessing or a curse?

A Reader's Opinion:
I've seen some people mention that the title of the book throws them off and they aren't sure what to make of it - don't let your confusion prevent you from reading the book. I was drawn to the book because of the title - I thought how original it was and I wanted to find out how the author would combine the magic and lore of Celtic myth with Texas cowboys. Generally I don't read books with a supernatural bent and I was pleasantly surprised because this book didn't feel supernatural as it focused more on the romance between Tye and Lil.

Lil is an independent and tough cowgirl who can work just as hard as the men and do just as good of a job. Tye was my favorite character from start to finish. I enjoyed his growth from the moment he first stumbled upon Lil to when he began working right along the other cowboys like he was born in the saddle with a gun in his hand. His Irish accent was written in a way that reminded me of my friend's Irish brogue and I could actually hear the accent as I was reading - not that every reader will have that advantage.

The adventure is balanced out with the romance so one doesn't necessarily overpower the other. The Red River crossing was well-written as were the romantic scenes between Tye and Lil. This is an enjoyable and easy read that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good western romance. Even if you're not one for anything supernatural, give it a try because you might discover a new author worth reading. I'll be reading the other books in the series.

I've read the books out of order and I would recommend readers pick up the first book before this one simply because I got the feeling that I would have appreciated the back story established in Darlin' Druid.

Book Content: There are graphically written scenes in this book with the steamy details. I will say that the scenes are well-written and fit into the story - not crude or overly embellished.

Book Info:
Title: Dashing Druid
Author: Lyn Horner
Formats: Paperback and Kindle
Pages: 334
Format Read: Kindle
Book Source: Purchased

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  1. Wonderful review. I'm reading Darlin' Druid right now and have been introduced to Tye Devlin. He's quite the character.