Thursday, April 5, 2012

Exit: How to Leave Debt Forever - An Interview with Author Nicholas L. Maze

We welcome today something a little different for this blog from author Nicholas L. Maze and his book EXIT for his tour with Virtual Book Tour Cafe. 

MK: Please tell us, what led you to write a financial book (other than the current economic climate)?  

NM: Actually, my book had nothing to do with our current economic turmoil, in the beginning. I received a prophecy. A prophet visited our Church and told me that he saw me writing books dealing with finance. At the time, I had just completed my previous book (White Collar Woman), which was a romance/fiction. I began to research and was amazed at the information I was coming across and discovering. I knew that majority of Americans did not have this information and felt I had to write this book.

MK: What do you feel your book offers that others on the subject do not?

NM: Understanding. I think every book has a benefit, but I also view every finance book like every diet book. If you followed the information from head to toe, it will work. So, why is 20% of Americans obese? Lack of understanding. I believe telling someone to do something, without understanding, is a bad mixture. Although EXIT focuses on saving and investing, it also addresses the history on money and how we arrived at our current financial circus. It goes beyond the basics and provides understanding.

MK:  What can readers expect from this book? Is it strictly a manual or does it tell a story?

NM: Readers can expect an eye-opener. Never has finance been split open and dissected. We normally go straight to the headliner. They trim all the fat and give you a lean piece of meat, but in this situation you need the fat! You need the gristle. This is what made our country what it is today. This literature definitely tells a story. From the beginning of the “almighty dollar” to the date that the Federal Reserve came into existence. You not only get to hear the story, but you wear the shoes.

MK: What a great way to describe it! What has been your greatest challenge in writing Exit?

NM: Balance. When I speak of balance, I mean holding a reader’s attention and teaching, at the same time. It is a difficult task. It is rare to find a person buying a book, because they miss going to class. So, I couldn’t give a class assignment. I had to present the book in a way that an 80-year old scholar can read and smile, while a 20-year old waitress can understand and grow. Balance.

MK: Whether from education or work, what experiences do you feel most gave you the background necessary to write Exit?

NM: Choosing between the two, I would say education. Not 12+ years of schooling, but Common Sense University. Your normal school does not educate on how to survive financially. Usually, they teach you how to handle debt. They’ll say, “Here is our debt problem. And, here is how you keep it going.” So, my education spreads from research, conversations, and personally tapping into my father.

MK: What is your most rewarding experience since being published?

NM: Knowing that’s me. When I can place something useful into another person’s hands and feel proud of what I’ve done. The financial gain from it is nothing, compared to having someone read your work. No dollar amount can be placed upon someone approaching you and saying, “I learned something.”

MK: What is the best writing advice anyone has ever given you?

NM: Build a background. Don’t just write from feeling, but build something to grow from. Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, you have to have something to build off of, a foundation. That is why you research in non-fiction or create a bio for a character in fiction. Your foundation.

MK: What do you have in store next for your readers?

NM: I’m not the average writer. I don’t have a particular genre. My first book was a romance/fiction. My current book is finance/non-fiction. My next book is religion/non-fiction. I believe a true writer can walk into any arena. So, I follow my heart. My religion work is a book that Churches have been in need of, for over 100 years, but has never been written. I believe this work will help restructure Churches and ministries. 
The Book
What 12+ years of schooling never provided is located within this amazing literature. From basic instructions on saving to the reason for America’s current financial dilemma, we receive great advice in the world of finance. People across the globe are crying for relief that will never come. In EXIT, we learn that financial strain is planned and orchestrated. The more America suffers financially, the more successful certain individuals become. How do we eliminate a problem that has been in place for almost 100 years? We first learn how to exit, escape.

Title: Exit: How to Leave Debt Forever
Genre – Financial/Self Help/Non-Fiction
Publisher – Pearle Pages Publishing
Release Date – February 21, 2012
Format – Ebook & Print

Website –

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  1. Thank you Nicholas for joining us today and sharing your insight and new book.

  2. Thanks! I am enjoying this experience. I am open to any additional questions.