Thursday, April 19, 2012

Crunch Time: Author's Survival Countdown

I'm in crunch mode and it's time to pull out the big guns! Release date for Gallagher's Hope is two months from now - sounds like a lot of time right? Wrong! Because what that really means is that I have only one month because the second month is editing, editing and oh yeah editing. After the editing there's making sure that the media kit is in order, book tour is scheduled, giveaways are planned, paperbacks are in stock for giveaways and somewhere in all of that we have to sleep! So, I'm a little behind schedule but that's okay because I've learned a few things that will help me with future books.

So you could call this a survival kit or just a countdown checklist if you want to be boring about it. We all have our own process, but I have many elements that go into one book and I need all the help I can get. I've learned (from the past and current books) how to better schedule my timeline for a book release that is as smooth going as possible.
  • 7-6 months to launch: Chances are you've already been working on your book, or if you're like me and pushing out a book every six months, this is when you begin the writing. Prior to this though I've...
    • designed the book cover
    • written the synopsis/back cover blurb
    • completed the character interviews
    • researched whatever needs to be researched
    • make sure chocolate is in good supply
    • the writing begins 
  • 4 months to launch:  
    • the book should be midway to three quarters complete
    • research notes/books are kept handy for quick reference
    • create book trailer
    • create first draft of media kit
    • create other promotional items (bookmarks, sell sheets, etc)
    • replenish chocolate supply
    • the writing continues
  • 3 months to launch: 
    • the book should be complete and I'll be in the middle of the rewrites
    • replenish chocolate supply (research how excess amounts of chocolate affects the body)
    • rewriting continues
  • 2 months to launch: 
    • Rewriting is coming to a close and the book is being prepared for editing
    • Put final touches on media kit and promotional items
    • Schedule book tour
    • replenish chocolate supply (personal research proves there's no such thing as too much of a good thing)
    • Put advance copy of book cover on website and blog
  • 1 month to launch:
    • Rewrite/touch-up after editing is complete
    • Prepare the book for printing
    • Begin copyright process
    • Provide tour company with review copy of book
    • have a spa day
  •  Launch Time:
    • If I haven't fallen into a catatonic state at this point...
    • I finalize publishing to Kindle
    • ...and enjoy the ride
If I was truly brilliant, I would space my books out further apart. Don't get me wrong, that may still happen because I do enjoy sleeping, but for now this is one roller coaster ride I'm enjoying too much to slow down.

How do you handle your deadlines?


  1. LOL about the chocolate! We all have our needs don't we? Mine is coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Without it I swear I'd never stay up long enough to do anything. When I'm coming up on a deadline I pull a lot of all nighters to get stuff done. After 9pm is the only time I can get enough peace and quiet to think, so I have to take advantage of that time:)

    By the way, can I just tell you that I am very excited Gallagher's Hope is coming out soon! Love Gabriel and can't wait to read his story:)

  2. I could probably stay up later if I drank coffee, but as it is I have to get all my writing done before 10 or 11pm which is about as late as I can go before my brain completely crashes.

    I'm pretty excited too, but hey, you're on tour here soon - yeah!

  3. I wish I could get my writing done before then, but it just doesn't work that way in my household, lol. Yea, my tour is coming up soon:) Very excited about that!

  4. My household has learned to deal with it. :) Tour now and before you know it, another book!