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Cowboys and Celtic Myth: Dashing Druid Interview with author Lyn Horner

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Lyn Horner with us. She comes to us from Texas to chat about her Texas Druids and her fascination with Celtic myth and cowboys. Welcome Lyn!

MK:  Dashing Druid, the second book of your Texas Druids series about three psychically gifted siblings, all descended from legendary Irish Druids – how did you come up with the idea? Do you have a fondness for the Irish?

LH: I’ve always been fascinated by Celtic myth and folklore, perhaps because I’m part Scotch-Irish on my father’s side. A few years ago my husband and I visited Scotland and Ireland. I loved both countries, each beautiful in its own special way, and I felt rather as if I’d come home. Long before that trip, when we lived in the Chicago area, I came up with the idea of writing about a young woman who lived through the terrible Chicago Fire of 1871. Since many Irish immigrants had settled in Chicago, endowing my heroine, Jessie, with an Irish lineage was logical. The decision to make her and her siblings descendants of ancient Druids, each with a different psychic gift, came later. I gave Jessie second sight, the power to look into the future. Her brother Tye became an empath, able to absorb others emotions, a painful talent he’s learned to control – until he meets a certain Texas cowgirl in Dashing Druid.
MK:  What is your favorite scene in Dashing Druid?

LH: That’s a tough question. Hmm, let me think. Okay, I’ve got it. There’s a scene in Chapter Sixteen that highlights the growing love between Tye and his lady, Lil. They’ve made love, attempting to stave off worry over a looming threat to Tye’s life. Lil is curious about an incident in his past, when a friend of his died. She coaxes him to tell her what happened. Tye has never spoken about it to anyone and he’s reluctant to do so now, but he decides she has a right to know. Reliving the awful scene, he reveals his secret guilt. Afterward, she comforts him, and he breaks down in her arms. It’s a very emotional scene.

MK:  Do you have a favorite character you’ve written from either Dashing Druid or Darlin’ Druid? Who and why?
LH: I love all my characters, good, bad and in between, but my favorite is Jessie Devlin. She’s my firstborn, you might say. She came to me fully formed out of nowhere, with her hot Irish temper, Texas bluebonnet eyes, and determination to live her own life out from under her father’s thumb. I’ve been told she’s too feisty by editors, but it’s her fighting spirit that sounds a chord within me. Quite a few readers seem to agree.

MK: Without giving it all away, please tell us a little something about how Tye Devlin is going to get through his biggest challenges in Dashing Druid.

LH:  Tye undergoes some drastic changes over the course of his story. A former miner in a funny suit, who can barely stay on a horse, he learns to herd cattle, ride like an old hand, and shoot like a pro. These skills, plus his innate bravery, see him through the perils of a cattle drive and challenges from those who would stand between Lil and himself. His empathic ability also plays a part from time to time, especially at one crucial point. As the book title implies, he’s also a dashing Irishman who knows how to charm a woman, a talent Lil has a hard time resisting.

MK: What has been your greatest challenge in writing the Texas Druids series?

LH: Convincing readers that Texas and Druids aren’t as incompatible as they might think. One reviewer said, “I'll admit I was completely thrown by the title of this book. If for some reason you are as well, "fuhgeddaboudit"! This is an engaging, page turning, can't put it down, don't know where the time went, read.” I love that one!

MK: In this series, you’ve combined people from two different worlds/ancestries. What kind of research went into writing these books?

LH: I’ve collected mountains of books about Ireland, Irish immigrants, Celtic myths and folklore, the Chicago Fire, the Union Pacific Railroad, Utah and the Mormons, silver mining, and of course, Texas. I also called the National Archives in Washington, D.C. to find out who commanded Camp Douglas in Utah, c. 1872, and have visited several of the sites in my books. For Darlin’ Druid these include Bosque County, Texas, where my Druids settle; the Union Pacific RR Museum in Omaha, Nebraska; and Chicago. For Dashing Druid, more trips to Bosque County; the Red River, where cattle herds crossed on their way north to Kansas; and Georgetown and Silver Plume, Colorado. I never made it to Utah for Darlin’ Druid, much to my regret.

MK:  How do you unwind after a long writing session?

LH: I watch TV, eat chocolate, occasionally do some gardening, eat more chocolate and read. My husband and I also love eating out (I hate to cook) and once in a blue moon we take in a movie on the big screen. Last but not least, we love visiting our kids and grandkids.

MK: What do you have in store next for your readers?

LH: Next comes book three in the Texas Druids trilogy. I’ve titled it Dearest Druid. I had hoped to have it ready by late this year, but it looks more like early 2013. Promotional duties cut into my writing time so much these days, something all authors are familiar with. Once I finish the Druid series, I plan to change course and finish a book set in Ireland that I started a few years ago. Then we’ll see what the future brings.

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  1. Thank you for joining us today for a fun interview Lyn. By the way, I found Tye in Dashing Druid absolutely delightful!

  2. Thank you, MK, for inviting me. It's my pleasure to be here on your beautiful site. I'm glad you like Tye. In my first book, Darlin' Druid, he's a carefree charmer. Two years later, in Dashing Druid, he has matured and isn't so carefree, but he still knows how to charm a lady. :)

  3. I've only just met Tye in Darlin' Druid and I can see that he's a charmer. I look forward to reading Dashin' Druid (as soon as I catch up on my work).

  4. Terrific interview, Lyn. Don't enter me in the contest, already have DASHING DRUID. I love your voice, just beautiful. :)

  5. Hi Alison, I'm glad you've already met Tye. Yes, he's a charmer and a bit of a rascal. As you can tell in Darlin' D., he's also close to his sister Jessie. (Family plays a big part in all my books.) They remain close in Dashing D., but Tye now has burdens he can't share with her. Only Lil will be able to ease his troubled heart.

  6. Devon, you're so sweet. Thank you for dropping by and for the lovely compliment.

  7. Hi Lyn,
    Great interview. I have both your books already. If only I had time to read. Darling D is next in line to be read (I can only sneek in 1/2 hour on my lunch breaks, so it takes me forever to read a book anymore.)
    Good luck in your writing book 3

  8. Thanks, Peggy. I can't imagine holding down a job and writing. I have a hard time just keeping up with housework. Thanks for squeezing in Darlin' D. on your lunch breaks. I hope you enjoy it.