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Real Moms Love to Eat: An Interview with Author Beth Aldrich

Today we have a special visit from author Beth Aldrich who is here to chat a bit about her new book, Real Moms Love to Eat. And no, it's not just another diet book. Even though I'm not a mom, I bought it to see what all the fuss is about...well, the fuss is warranted. Beth makes eating healthy seem fun because she promotes, wait for it, eating! Who doesn't want to 'Conduct a Love Affair with Food, Lose Weight, and Feel Fabulous'? 

MK: “You have to eat at least three times a day, so why not love what you're eating and feed yourself food that will love you back?” How how I agree with this! Now you had an interesting course of events that led to your current work, so what inspired you to take the next step and write the book?  

BA: In 2007 I was actively working on my PBS TV series, For Her Information when one snowy afternoon in January, I was involved in a serious car accident. While in the hospital, I came to the realization that the long hours and crazy schedule away from my family was not really want I wanted or what was satisfying in my life. After healing, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I became certified as a Holistic Health Counselor. I worked from home, only while my kids were in school and I really enjoyed helping other moms find happiness, balance and food they enjoyed. I decided to write a book about my approach to eating and how women really CAN enjoy the foods THEY love without having the guilt or strict dietary plans to follow. After partnering with author, Eve Adamson, we created the perfect side-kick to any mom’s daily life and the Real Moms Love to Eat plan was born. Based on what the reader loves to eat, the plan offers five simple suggestions each week to propel them to a life of occasional cupcakes and a healthier outlook on life!

MK: Your book actually seems fun! Readers certainly seem to be enjoying it and your expertise certainly helps, but was it always fun? Do you have your own story of healthy eating struggles?  

BA: Food has ALWAYS been fun for me. Throughout my book, I share fun and funny stories of my food memories, those of which are to encourage the reader to also stroll back in time down memory lane to a time, before all of our food “discriminations” started to form, when eating cotton candy at the fair was fun, not “OMG, I’ll regret this in the morning”. I have always been active AND yet, I’ve always been fascinated with nutrition, diets and the food crazes. I’ve tried almost every diet there is and every time, I’ve felt so restricted, limited and HUNGRY. I’m only 5’4” so I really can’t go hog-wild with food, but I’ve learned with regular physical exercise, balanced eating and the once-in-a-while treat, I feel more satisfied and rarely measure my food, count calories OR feel guilt. I eat to a comfortable limit and I experiment with different flavors. After my middle son was born, I attended culinary school for six months and loved it. I’ve always enjoyed preparing food, creating recipes and tasting new flavors and that’s what the book emphasizes; learning to enjoy food again, gaining control of the quality of foods you like to eat and discovering that food can be so passionate!

MK: What is your favorite busy-mom-friendly tip from the book?

BA: Plan Ahead. When you take a little bit of time a couple of times throughout the week and plot out snacks (so important) and meal staples, you can be rushing in and out of the house with kids, appointments and errands and whip up a delicious meal in no time. Discover foods that you can cook once and eat three times, strategize by having easy side dishes on hand and realize that salads are easy to make and really ramp up your nutrition EVERY DAY.

MK: If you had to pick one struggle most ‘Real Mom’s’ face when it comes to eating healthy, what would you say that is?  

BA: They don’t eat enough. Seriously! When women under eat throughout the earlier part of the day, by 3pm they go crazy and eat the first Snicker’s Bar in sight.  Eat quality fat, protein and fiberous carbs early in the day and I guarantee, the mid-day cravings monster will be YOUR prisoner!

MK: What was your greatest challenge in writing this book?

BA: The greatest challenge was/is getting the word out about it. I loved every day of writing the manuscript, however the hard part is the on-going marketing and promotion of the book. When you go on book tour, you appear in media appearances and book signings and being on the road can be hard, but what I love is the idea that my words are helping and inspiring women everywhere and that makes it all worth while.
MK: Tell us the truth – do you practice your tips and follow the recipes? Do you have a favorite recipe from the book you’d recommend? I know there are a few I plan to try!

BA: I truly DO follow my tips. I wrote all of them, based on what I coach and live by. I adore green smoothies and when I miss a day, I crave them, especially the recipe where I mix in pineapple. I always try to eat a salad every day so that I have an easy delivery method for loads of nutrients per bite and I absolutely love the no bake recipes in chapter five AND my father’s “Grandma” pancakes recipe. I recommend that readers pick and choose recipes that call to them, but really try to experiment with new ones, too, because like my story about Brussle’s sprouts in the book, trying new foods can sometimes come with delightful experiences and memories.

MK: What do you have in store next for your readers?

BA: After the bulk of my tour comes to a close in April, I will continue to write my blog, and I will be experimenting in the kitchen with desserts for a few months. The cupcake on the cover of my book is no accident. ;)

Well, there you have it. The author is her very own success story - will you be the next?

Excerpt from the book: From Press Release
“Oh, food—how we love you, and how we fear you. How we desire you, and how we push you away. Food, you shameless flirt, you player, you tease. You could almost seduce us into an illicit affair. . . . Maybe because moms are so concerned with setting a good example or guiding their kids down the right path, we sometimes make ourselves feel guilty. We deny ourselves pleasure. But when it comes to food, this is a big, Oh, no, you don’t! Denial leads to obsession—the nasty kind where you can’t get that bad boy out of your head and then you binge. Instead, when you give yourself the license to love a variety of foods, experiment with an array of flavors, and lighten up on your self-righteous have-to-eat-100-percent-healthy-and-be-perfect-all-the-time side, then you can give yourself permission to love—food and anything or anyone else. You find a new balance. You find your own personal way of healthy eating. Fear leads only to ruin. Denial leads to deprivation. Controlled indulgence, on the other hand, leads to freedom.”

3 signed print paperbacks at end of tour to 3 randomly drawn commenters from entire tour.

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  1. What a treat to have you with us today Beth (and your book is full of yummy treats)! I bought this last week and look forward to reading through it!