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A Reader's Opinion: First Flight (Dark Eagles #1) by David R. Smith

First Flight (The Dark Eagles, #1)First Flight by David R. Smith

I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway and overall, I did enjoy the idea of the story. First off, I will say that the author showed excellent imagination - from the characters to the land to the adventure. I immediately noticed and appreciated the look of the book: the drawings, maps, and the world the author created, down to a new time system.

Keif's dead grandfather leaves him a mysterious map for his birthday, which leads him on an exciting adventure where you're introduced to the dark eagle and learn about Keif's desire to become a sea captain. You then transition into another storyline: On the planet Fundautum, Holpe's Island was invaded and taken over by an evil country called Gar. A powerful and cruel people, the Gars wanted to take over the entire planet. The people of Holpe's were required to pay the Gars 20% of everything they earn and anyone who resisted was taken prisoner. Keif's father was taken prisoner and everyone believed him'll have to read it to find out what happened. It's an adventure story where the characters ride horses, but seems to have a futuristic feel to it at times.

The age group for this one was a bit more difficult to pinpoint. At first I would have said it was more of a young adult book, though it could be read by those as young as ten or eleven, but the violence level might not be appropriate for some that young. The book did a great job of pulling me in at the beginning, though I will be honest here and say there were parts of the book I just didn't follow.

The author did a nice job with the ending, closing out enough of the story but leaving it open for the next book. I would recommend to anyone keen on adventure stories with an imaginative twist.

Book Info:
Hardcover, First Edition, 304 pages
Published December 22, 2011 by Fundautum Publishing
ISBN13: 9780615571324
Edition language: English

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