Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Writers and Social Media - Will This Author Survive?

I'm a perfect example of someone who at one time embraced social media and then the moment things went out of control, I backed off and became someone who thoroughly dislikes it. I embraced blogging because it was something I could control, but mainstream social media just couldn't get it's claws into me.

Then...yesterday I signed up for a Twitter account, after the benefits of having one were mentioned on numerous occasions. I have to be honest, I don't understand half of what is being said in that cyber world. I'm still young, a part of this technology generation, and in fact I am rather fond of computers, graphic design, websites, etc, but for the life of me I don't understand half of the symbols and shortened lingo used on Twitter. I don't even text often because I won't send one out without everything spelled out and capitalized.

So after my first day on Twitter, I'm wondering...
  • Where does everyone find the time to post updates every five minutes? 
  • Why are people talking about changing dirty diapers and what they ate for dinner? 
  • Why does Twitter think I should follow every pop star in existence? 
  • Why do people who have crude and profane handles keep trying to follow me? (oh yes, found the lock button...nope, still coming through).
  • How often am I supposed to post in order to be considered a Twitterer (is that a word)? 
  • How long does it take before people notice you're a clumsy Twitterer (still not a word?) and realize you've committed numerous Twitter no-no's. (Feel free to let me know).
  • Is there a Twitter handbook?
    So will I survive delving into this one little bit of social media-who knows. If I can't go at it with gusto, then chances are it won't last because I don't like half measures. I am curious though as to what other authors think about using Twitter and how they feel it has truly benefited them or not...

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