Friday, January 20, 2012

Gallagher's Pride Excerpt

If Brenna’s mind had not been filled with questions and worries, perhaps she would have better appreciated the grandeur of the place she now stood. Mountains the likes of which she had never seen jutted upward from the earth. So different from home, for those in Scotland were mere hills compared to the towering peaks surrounding the valley, which seemed to stretch farther than she could see. The fresh pine scented air reminded her of the long walks she used to take with her father back home, when she would pick bundles of heather for her mother. Blue skies so vast there was no end to the journey an eagle could take. Wildness and beauty unlike anything she’d ever imagined surrounded her. Unfortunately this majesty was wasted on Brenna those first moments. Her thoughts were focused elsewhere. 

Brenna held her reticule close to her bosom thinking of the letters tucked safely inside. She had found two more missives when she went through her father’s belongings. Neither told her anything more about Nathan Hunter than what she had already surmised. She didn’t doubt that she wouldn’t like the man. In fact her hatred still lurked below the surface, even though she knew it was hurting her more than him.

Brenna had no need to look at the letters. She had memorized their content on the sea crossing. Those worn papers gave her a small measure of courage...

Gallagher's Pride

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