Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alaina Claiborne Book Trailer

The day will come when I have these professionally done, but for now it's me and my computer. I feel that book trailers are just as valuable to an author as an excerpt or even more so because the trailers are short, entertaining and to the point in under a couple of minutes. If as an author you're unable to create your own, there are some affordable options out there for basic book trailers. The idea is to pique the readers interest in your book...and of course hope it works!


  1. It's kinda funny, but I really never watched a book trailer before. I don't know why, but I never really came across one probably. And when I'm interested in a book, I mostly read reviews on it - that's what you do, right? You read something about something you probably wanna read later. But now after watching your trailer I really see the advantages of a trailer like this. It gets the reader's attention and I think you can stress the book's atmosphere a bit better with background music and pictures. Good job, looks awesome!

  2. Thanks Miri! I agree with both points actually. For the longest time I just went straight to book reviews to see if it was something I'd like, then read the excerpts. It wasn't until recently I began watching trailers, as you said, to get a better idea of the atmosphere of the book. I still definitely rely on reviews, but the trailers give another perspective that isn't an opinion.